Always operational. Thanks to BOREAS.

To the general public, wind and photovoltaic installations look rather simple. But operators and investors know that the technical and commercial processes behind making an installation profitable, legally compliant, and operationally reliable in the long term are complex. So complex that it’s a good idea to put your interests in the expert hands of BOREAS.

Taking responsibility for reliability

A wind turbine doesn’t pay off unless it’s running. That’s where BOREAS comes in. We ensure that your wind park is ready to operate reliably at 100% 24/7. Our control centre is staffed seven days a week so we can always keep an eye on your installation—and our on-call services can be on site quickly in the case of an emergency. BOREAS also makes sure that all the necessary assessments are prepared in advance, tests are carried out on time, and our service teams inspect the turbines on a regular basis. We keep the ball rolling to keep your wind turbine rotating. Good news for your return on investment.

The technical management of your installation with BOREAS:

  • Specialist for more than 230 Vestas WES and expert for more “exotic” turbines such as Frisia or Vensys
  • Control centre staffed seven days a week
  • Organisation of inspections such as an approved supervisory agency (ZÜS), German accident prevention regulation (DGUV V3) and pressure vessels
  • Regular inspections on site and on-call services in BOREAS wind fields
  • Insurance management
  • Monitoring of conformance with permit requirements
  • Maintenance of more than 230 Vestas WES
  • Expert for less common turbines like Frisia, NEG Micon, Vensys and Nordtank

Reliable solar power generation

Wind and solar installations are the twins of the energy transition. As such, they have much in common. They must be monitored around the clock, get serviced regularly and repaired if needed. On top of that, the installations must meet all the statutory inspection criteria, be approved by experts, and be covered by insurances. This takes experience, equipment, and commitment. A task that BOREAS is happy to take care of for you with its more than 30 years of experience in renewable energies.

The technical management of your solar installation with BOREAS:

  • Maintenance of everything from roof-mounted systems to multi-MW installations
  • Continuous monitoring of solar installations
  • Inspections and maintenance on site
  • Fault maintenance with on-call team

The numbers must make sense

The energy transition is important for climate protection—but it also has to make sense economically. Clean energy like wind and solar power requires spotless financial management. BOREAS is familiar with all the tasks and processes necessary to make an installation a profitable investment. We arrange for and oversee the financing, comply with the periods defined for demonstrating initial remuneration, compare the planned and actual yield, take care of all commercial matters, and keep our clients informed.

Our commercial management services

  • Compliance with periods defined for yield certificates and site quality certifications
  • Commercial management
  • Preparation of target/actual comparisons, KPI reporting
  • Liquidity planning and payment processing
  • Management of service and maintenance agreements, insurance contracts, and grid contracts
  • Claims management and lease settlement

Keeping your portfolio under control

In addition to operating individual installations, managing installation portfolios is a challenge on its own. This involves evaluating new projects, coordinating investments, ensuring the quality of installations, detecting technical problems early on and overseeing the incident management. Managing an installation portfolio and its assets therefore includes everything from acquiring the land to replacing the cylinders. It’s good when you have someone to stay on top of things for you: preferably BOREAS.

Our asset management services

  • Value retention of installations
  • Information for shareholders
  • Budget planning and preparation of business plans
  • Contract and transaction management
  • Optimisation of the financial structure
  • Undertaking the management of your wind and solar parks

Perfection in a package

Placing the management and maintenance responsibilities in the same hands not only makes financial sense, but also applies for the technical management of installations. Because at BOREAS it is no problem to seamlessly integrate maintenance into the traditional operational management. This thus creates real synergies in the project communication, the technical implementation, and the documentation of the work performed. A perfect package for the perfect technical state of your installation.

Benefits of a BOREAS service package

  • Advantageous packages for maintenance, service, and management, especially for depleted installations
  • Savings through the use of synergies
  • Cost-optimised operation
  • Special offers for installations of ENERCON

Operating across borders

France and Germany have close political and economic ties with each other. BOREAS also maintains reliable networks in both countries and has implemented many projects there over the last few decades. The installations built by us in Germany and France harness the power of wind and sun to generate 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year. An impactful number and an important contribution to the energy transition in both countries.

How BOREAS can also support you

How is the market developing, and what does it mean for your installations? Are there new technical or commercial requirements? What can we handle for you, so you have more time for the things that matter most? Your goals are the focus of our consulting services.

  • Maintaining public registers such as core energy market data register or EEG payments to the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA)
  • Organisation of REMIT messages
  • Integration of your wind turbines in the demand-controlled night identification (BNK) clusters of BOREAS
  • Support in meeting the new regulatory requirements
  • Monitoring of mitigation and compensation measures

Your energy for BOREAS

Never has the time been more urgent than now to push the energy transition forward—and seldom so exciting. Would you like to be part of this new era? To experience first-hand the actual realisation of the energy transition? Then you feel like we do. Let us talk about how you can be part of BOREAS—as a service technician, in the assembly and maintenance, in the financial controlling of projects, or in our accounting department. On our Careers page, you can find information on what positions are currently available at BOREAS in the field of technical management.


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